What's Roger Federer's best shot? (SURVEY INSIDE!)

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What's Roger Federer's best shot? (SURVEY INSIDE!)

What is Roger Federer's best shot? The Swiss Maestro has a lot of weapons in his arsenal but which, among them, is the most effective? We would like to analyze four of them. The serve, forehand, backhand and the drop-shot. And we will give our opinion. However, you will be the real protagonists of the article. In fact, you can choose your favorite among these.

We would like to start with an overview of his style of play. At the beginning of his career, Federer was considered a serve-and-volleyer. Although this is still one of his main characteristics, his skills have improved exponentially, making him a complete and comfortable tennis player on all surfaces.

Federer's tennis is considered the meeting point between classic tennis - in which qualities such as sensitivity, elegance and touch played an important role - and the modern one, in which technological evolution of rackets, diet and physical training have an important role. 

Let's now focus now on his shots.

Forehand. Surely it is one of the most effective shots of the Swiss. He is one of the very few tennis players to pull the forehand in the neutral stance position, with his right foot parallel to the baseline. The handle with which the shot plays is a modified Eastern grip. This is a very fast shot and difficult to read for his opponent.


Service. In our opinion, it's his best shot. His movement, mechanically, is similar to that of Pete Sampras. The speed of his service has an average around 195-200 km/h. Thanks to the fluidity of this shot (which makes it difficult to read), the many variations and the ability to place the ball, he is one of those players who wins the most points from his own service. In his career, he has hit 10.414 aces and has an average of 77% 1st Serve Points Won.


Backhand. This is a shot on which Federer has worked a lot during his career. His one-hended backhand was, until 2016, one of his weaknesses. This was seen in the matches against Rafael Nadal: the Spaniard's top-spin forehand ravaged Roger's backhand. Things have changed since 2017. Another added value to his skills. This shot probably completed him as a tennis player.


Dropshot. Variations and net game are the Swiss' strong points. Drop-shots, which he often uses to come out of long and complicated rallies send his opponents into crisis, but which make the eyes of the crowds rejoice.


What do you think. What's the best shot of the Swiss Maestro?

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