Wimbledon: the five-best men's singles matches ever (SURVEY INSIDE!)

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Wimbledon: the five-best men's singles matches ever (SURVEY INSIDE!)

Wimbledon is the oldest, prestigious and most important event in the tennis calendar and certainly the most anticipated tournament of the season. On the lawns of the legendary Church Road, the greatest interpreters of the history of our sport have challenged and been challenged.

They have played memorable battles featuring endless rivalries. Matches which have been consigned to history. This year, London has been colored green, purple and white as it prepares to host the best tennis players in the world.

Tennis World would like to offer you the five-best men's singles matches in the Championships' history. 5) Rod Laver vs. Barry MacKay - 1959. The 1959 semi-final was won by Laver, with the score of 11-13, 11-9, 10-8, 7-9, 6-3, at the end of a spectacular and unforgettable challenge, definitely one of the best of tennis history.

4) Pancho Gonzales vs. Charlie Pasarell - 1969. In 1969 at Wimbledon there was a match which entered history books when – at 41 – Gonzales eliminated Charlie Pasarell, his junior by 16 years, winning 22-24, 1-6, 16-14, 6-3, 11- 9 after five hours and 12 minutes of battle! 3) Jimmy Connors vs.

John McEnroe - 1982. McEnroe was one of the stars in London, in the 1980s. In that year's edition, he was beaten in the final, in five sets, by his countryman Connors, with the score of 3-6, 6-3, 6(2)-7, 7- 6(5), 6-4! 2) Bjorn Borg vs.

John McEnroe - 1980. This match between Borg and McEnroe entered history as one of the most beautiful tennis matches ever played. Two rivals with differences in style of play and temperament. Borg won 1-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-7 (16), 8-6! 1) Rafael Nadal vs.

Roger Federer - 2008. It is considered by players, media and fans as the greatest tennis match in tennis' history. The Spanish player was able to break the Swiss' domination at Wimbledon, after an epic, memorable and unforgettable challenge, with the final score of 6-4, 6-4, 6(5)-7, 6(8)-7, 9-7.

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