Tennis should thank Roger Federer for its success

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Tennis should thank Roger Federer for its success

Roger Federer and tennis. A symbiotic relationship that has led to the prosperity of the court in the new millennium, up to the present days. The Swiss has been a blessing for the whole movement since his entry on the world stage.

And to think that, at the beginning of the 2000s, the upcoming retirement of Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras could leave a negative mark. There were no heirs ready to take over the reins of the game. With the two Americans on the hill, the ATP Tour risked a period of media and business obscurity.

The arrival of Federer has changed things. In positive. His ultra-offensive style of play, the rackets smashed, his beginnings. No one - not even the most optimistic - could believe that they were holding the greatest champion in the history of our sport.

Loved by crowds, media and fans, his class and style have made him the coverman of men's tennis. A history of success and business, started at Wimbledon 2003. The victories of Federer and his rivalry with Rafael Nadal, have allowed the Tour to enter a new golden age.

An exponential growth without limits. A stellar business. The Swiss Mastro on the court is a guarantee of success for each tournament, with full stadiums and a festive crowd. The popularity of other champions such as Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray has grown in parallel with the rivalries they have had with Roger, even before their successes.

Ok, He lost an unbelivable match against Kevin Anderson, in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon. But even Roger is human, and like a human he can go through bad days, sportingly speaking. Despite this amazing and historical (and well deserved! he wasted too chances) defeat, we are sure he will be the star even in the next season.

Now, he will rest untill Cincinnati, skipping the Rogers Cup, in order to go at the US Open in the best shape. Uniqlo has chosen to offer him a contract of 30 million dollars a year for ten years (even if for other sources they are 10 million a year).

The Japanese brand will have already calculated all the immense economic return it will have from Federer as a testimonial of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. A success for all parties. Especially for the Tour, saved by Federer from a a period of media and business obscurity.

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