Andy Murray's healthy return is important for the ATP Tour

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Andy Murray's healthy return is important for the ATP Tour

Andy Murry withdrew from the City Open in Washington before his quarter-finals and the Rogers Cup. Many indications, however, emerged about the Scot's health. All about his psycho-physical state and his possibilities for the rest of the season.

Let's start with the bad news. His recovery from last year injury is still slow. In Washington, Murray only played his sixth match of the season. Though he was competitive physically, he still decided to withdraw as a precaution, to recover.

We will see what he can do in Cincinnati and at the US Open. Why Andy Murray's come back is important for the ATP Tour? What can he get from the rest of 2018? We are in a very important and delicate moment for men's tennis.

The victory of Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon has broken the dual domination of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal going back to the 2017 Australian Open. If Murray is healthy and plays as he did before he got injured, we could have the comeback of the fourth member of the Big Four in true terms.

He needs to regain confidence in his tennis and accumulate minutes in the legs for the rest of 2018. It will be difficult to see him triumph in some tournaments, but who knows, at the end of the season, with his opponents tired, he could also take advantage of the situation.

The important thing for him will be to regain his form and the rhythm of the match, in order to start preparing for 2019 in the best way. And then introduce himself for the next season as the real Andy Murray. Does Andy Murray have any chance of winning a tournament in 2018? You can answer this question in the following survey? ALSO READ: Vote for July's ATP Player of the Month (SURVEY INSIDE!)