Marian Vajda is the secret of Novak Djokovic's rebirth

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Marian Vajda is the secret of Novak Djokovic's rebirth

Novak Djokovic is back at the top level after two years of darkness. After the Nole-Slam and the career Grand Slam won in Paris in 2016, the Serb went through endless problems. Now, Nole has taken revenge against his detractors, and starting at Wimbledon 2018, he came back to dominate the ATP Tour.

But he could not do this alone. After closing his professional relationship with Boris Becker, Djokovic changed his entire team, including Marian Vajda, the historic coach under whose guidance the Serb achieved all his successes.

The partnership with Andre Agassi was a technical flop. The period between the French Open 2016 and Wimbledon 2018 was the worst of the career for him, who seemed now destined for a supporting role, after years of successes.

A change was needed to return among the protagonists. And change did come. Indeed, we can call it a real return to the past. With humility, evidently, Djokovic understood that to find himself he needed his old team, especially Marian Vajda.

The first good results were seen during the clay swing. Djokovic was not yet competitive with the others, but something good was seen, despite some resounding eliminations. His rebirth began on grass. On the lawns of the Queen's Club, in London, Nole hoisted up to the final, losing to Marin Cilic.

But it was only the prelude of success; at Wimbledon where, for the fourth time in his career, he was again a champion. His race continued during the summer on hard courts in North America. First the victory at Cincinnati and the Career Golden Masters, and finally the triumph at the US Open, with an even better level of play.

Mental solidity has once again become an integral part of his game. Vajda has restored Djokovic from the mental point of view, motivation and solidity. The result? Nole is back at the top and now he is the man to beat. ALSO READ: The professional risk of injury of the coaches: what you need to know