Doping, prevention and controls: is it working better?

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Doping, prevention and controls: is it working better?

Are doping cases under control? How is the joint work of Wada, ATP, WTA, Usada and all the other associations and organizations going? Overall, 2018 was a positive year, with fewer striking cases of doing, more checks and prevention.

The communication of prohibited medicines, after the sensational case that involved Maria Sharapova in 2016, is working better. The disqualification of Sara Errani, elongated eight months by the TAS of Lausanne must be considered a ruling on what happened to the Italian tennis player in 2017, then retroactive.

Despite being announced in the middle of 2018, after the two months of disqualification gave to the former finalist of Roland Garros in the summer of last season, this is to be considered a case related to last year. Serena Williams and Roger Federer are among the most controlled tennis players.

The American has vented before the US Open: "Of all the tennis players, it is shown that I am the one who is subjected to more tests Discrimination? It could be". Serena said on her Twitter page. According to some rumors, Williams would have been controlled five times in 2018.

Even the Swiss Maestro (and the other Big Four) has said several times in several interviews that the checks during the year are very frequent. But he has repeatedly stressed the importance of being at the forefront of the tests.

He also said that in a month he happened to be subjected to anti-doping tests seven times. The case that involved Alize Cornet at the beginning of the season, but related to the news of the three no shows at doping tests during the 2017 season, made a lot of noise.

But there was no consequence for the Franchwoman, who was not guilty. In general, the situation is constantly monitored and kept under control. The last years-issues have been a image-problem for our sport. Especially after what happened to Maria Sharapova, one of the most important ambassadress of tennis in the world.

In general, 2018 was positive compared to 2016 and 2017. Cross-checks, prevention and communication are quite successful. ALSO READ: Marian Vajda is the secret of Novak Djokovic's rebirth