What does the future hold for Caroline Wozniacki?

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What does the future hold for Caroline Wozniacki?

"At the beginning (when Caroline Wozniacki discovered she had rheumatoid arthritis) it was a real shock. You feel like the most in shape athlete, and suddenly this is what you have to cope with. I have to stay positive and manage the situation.

It took me a while to realize what was happening after the US Open, but I went to the best doctors and I started the treatment. I'm proud of how I reacted and how I realized that I have to live together with this diseas.

I have to stay positive and not allow it to hinder me." These are the words of the Dane, at the end of the WTA Finals. Given the year she had had, it was a big shock. The 2018 season started in the best way possible for her: victory at the Australian Open against Simona Halep, and a return as the world no.

1. A success in the wake of her winning the title at the 2017 WTA Finals. Despite this start, she struggled with her performances at times and now, after her revelation, one wonders if her health caused her results to fluctuate.

She did win the Beijing Open in October despite these problems. So, now, what does the future hold for Caroline Wozniacki? She was the first one to talk about her health problems: "I'm happy that the season is over, so I can control myself more.

In some people the disease goes into remission, in others it goes on, but slowly.The medicine is now fantastic so I'm not worried. I just have to be careful. It meant a lot to me, and you started asking yourself questions, if you ever come back to that, but the doctor was fantastic.

They told me I could do what I wanted and I just had to listen to my body and believe in myself." This is already a good starting point to answer the question. Wozniacki has no plans of stopping or letting her health problems cause her career to halt.

For sure, she will be one to watch out for in 2019. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal still has no rivals on clay: not even Novak Djokovic?