Alexander Zverev: is it the beginning of a new era or just a case?

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Alexander Zverev: is it the beginning of a new era or just a case?

Will the victory of Alexander Zverev at the ATP Finals be the beginning of a new era at the Majors? Now, the pressure will inevitably be on the shoulders of the 21-year-old, who, after winning the most important title of his young career, will have to take the leap of quality in the Majors.

It would be the last step of growth. Sascha is a predestined one. He's been talked about since the first observers saw him playing with a racket in his hand on a tennis court. He is the only one of his generation to be able to make claims on the throne of the ATP Tour, in the near future.

Everyone expects great things from him. Everyone expects to see him triumph in the Majors and become the world no. 1. For now, the Big Four have stood on his way. Inevitably it is unthinkable to believe that Zverev has not yet won Slams in the future, but for now his best result remains the quarter-final played at the French Open 2018.

In the other tournaments, the best results are the third round at the Australian Open, the fourth round a Wimbledon and the third round at the US Open. Results too modest for a tennis player who aspires to eternal glory, who wants to take the baton from Federer, Nadal and Djokovic.

The comparison with the other tournaments is ruthless; in fact, Zverev has won 10 titles in his career, including three ATP Masters 1000 and the ATP Finals. The problem for the German is that still, at the best of the five sets and in the Majors, he struggles for inexplicable reasons.

So, the answer to the question that we asked ourselves at the beginning of the article, will have an answer already in 2019. Perhaps already from the Australian Open, where in the last two years he has struggled. Now, Zverev will have to be the champion that everyone expects, starting to get good results in the Slams.

If so, then his victory at the ATP Finals will have marked a watershed. If he does not do so, then it will be just another road accident in the long history of the Big Four. ALSO READ: ATP Next Gen season: Tops and Flops