Davis Cup: A new era dawns

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Davis Cup: A new era dawns

Come 2019, even with debates raging, the new format of the Davis Cup will be played, led by soccer player Gerard Pique's company, Kosmos. The real question is: did it make sense to twist the Davis Cup format in such a radical way? Some changes could certainly be made, but too many changes risk ruining what, today.

is the oldest competition for national team of sports history. The final week, which will be played in November 2019, is the most controversial theme of the entire edition. We will not elaborate on explaining how it works, we have already talked about it in other previous articles.

But what leaves us all baffled is the will to change a sporting event followed and appreciated all over the world in such fashion. Business is obviously the basis for this change; more money, more revenue, even wider media coverage, more participation.

But several top players and many insiders are not all so enthusiastic about the new format. Are we sure that in the last few years, the Davis Cup format did not worked? Are we sure that the appeal of this competition held back the ambitions of victory of the most important players? In recent years, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Juan Martin del Potro, Marin Cilic, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Stan Wawrinka and Tomas Berdych raised the trophy to the heavens.

All the biggest names in this sporting era have won at least one Davis Cup title. Was such a radical change really necessary? We could talk about this for hours and whether, we love this new format or not, we are on the eve of a new era for the Davis Cup.

The hope is that more than a century of sporting history will not be ridiculed by a new manifestation that diminishes its original meaning. ALSO READ: Juan Martin del Potro: On the road to recovery?