ATP Finals: changing locations can help to refresh a blurry tournament

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ATP Finals: changing locations can help to refresh a blurry tournament

The ATP Finals are not experiencing a very exciting moment, from the point of view of the show on the court. The beautiful location of the 02 Arena, in London is no longer enough to give liveliness to a tournament that is not offering technical ideas and interesting tactics.

Tennis players, who arrive at the Finals after a gruelling season, offer performances that do not live up to the situation. Many champions, for various injuries or to preserve themselves in view of the following season, do not qualify or renounce to play the tournament.

Furthermore, the continuous slowdown of the game surface is producing no-spectacular matches. In general, it could be said that a change of location could help the blurry tournament (born to be a travelling event, we must not forget it) to find freshness and novelty.

In an official statement, the ATP announced that the finalist cities vying to host the Masters for the period 2021-2025 are: the same London, Manchester, Tokyo, Singapore and Turin. The choice of the host city will be announced during the Indian Wells 2019 tournament.

A change of surface (or surface composition) and the location could intrigue tennis players and give back sizzling to the tournament: translated, new spectacular and exciting matches. In the last five years, we have witnessed a few exciting matches.

Many mistakes, a lot of tiredness, a few surprises and, above all, too much boredom. It would probably also serve a new conception of time, that is, moving the Master to a different date, as the end of October, but this is another matter.

For now, we can say that in March we will have a more precise idea of what will be the fate of the ATP Finals, hoping that the original idea will be repeated; that of a travelling tournament, which touches all corners of the world.

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