Here is why Coria's statement on Juan Martin del Potro cannot become true

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Here is why Coria's statement on Juan Martin del Potro cannot become true

"Next year he (Juan Martin del Potro - ed.) will have many chances to fight for the no. 1 (ranking) with Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer. Luckily another great tennis player like Novak Djokovic was there again, but Juan Martin has everything to be no.

1, I have no doubts." These are the statements of Guillermo Coria on his countryman Juan Martin del Potro. It is a hope which, in a certain sense, is justified, especially after what we saw from del Potro in 2018. But, with cold rationality, it can be said that seeing Delpo on the top of the ATP rankings is an extremely difficult achievement.

Indeed, at the limits of the impossible. The patella injury, less severe than expected, could be overcome by del Potro, without too many problems. It shouldn't be a problem for him to go back to winning tournaments, including a Masters 1000.

But, it is a lot more difficult to win a Slam. Alexander Zverev is in gradual ascent, and this may be a problem for del Potro. The duel with Federer will be exciting. But (and mine is a very personal opinion), next year Djokovic and Nadal could contend for the top place of the ATP rankings.

Despite the many points they have to defend (Nadal from April to August, Djokovic from Queen's at the ATP Finals) both are the most serious candidates for this goal. Federer and Zverev are behind the first to take advantage of any drop of form or injuries.

Finally, del Potro will have to defend his points from Indian Wells (where he is the defending champion) and the US Open (where he reached the final); an ambitious and extremely difficult achievement. To succeed in this, he would need a mix of great performances and a lot of luck.

And del Potro does have a huge credit with luck. Who knows... ALSO READ: 'Del Potro can overcome Nadal, Federer and fight for No. 1' - Coria