What are the real athletic conditions of Andy Murray?

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What are the real athletic conditions of Andy Murray?

2018 was a very difficult year for Andy Murray. The Briton, after the surgery at the hip of 2017 and the subsequent rehabilitation, played only thirteen matches last season. In fact, his new tennis life starts now, at the Brisbane tournament, in Australia.

His goal will be to return competitive between the grass swing and the season on the North-American hard courts. However, he will want to get to play the Australian Open in a good psycho-physical condition. And this is precisely the question we will try to answer.

How is Andy Murray actually from a physical point of view? Will he have overcome all the problems related to the hip surgery? Can we expect from him already great surprises, starting from Melbourne? In the first round of Brisbane, Murray sued the home tennis player James Duckworth in two sets, showing overall a good athletic freshness.

What is still lacking in his game is the rhythm of the match, and consequently the confidence with the official matches and his opponents. And, of course, confidence in his tennis and his athletic skills. Surely there will be a bit of fear to fall victim to new injuries again.

The challenge in the second round of Brisbane, lost in two sets against Daniil Medvedev was more difficult for him. The Scot has shown a good combativeness, but he is not at the top yet, and it will take some of time to return.

Patience will be the winning weapon; he will have to accumulate played minutes and matches, finding again solidity, resistance, detemination and a good athletic progression. Already in the next tournaments we could see his physical improvements.

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