Novak Djokovic's domain could be more enduring than in 2014-2016

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Novak Djokovic's domain could be more enduring than in 2014-2016

One man in charge: Novak Djokovic. With the chance to complete the non-calendar Slam in Paris for the second time, the Serb is the undisputed leader of the men's movement, with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer who do not seem to have enough psycho-physical energy to stop his second domination.

There is no longer the pressure of having to win the French Open at all costs and completing the career Grand Slam. After the victory in Paris in 2016, Djokovic lost all mental and physical energy used to reach the goal he had been pursuing for years.

Now everything is different. Reborn after months in hibernation at the lawns of Wimbledon in 2018, he now has no limits and no rivals. At the Australian Open, he destroyed Nadal, handing him his first straight-set loss in a Slam final.

Djokovic's 15th Grand Slam title came easy enough for him. The way in which he defeated Nadal showed that he was raring to go at it again. At the upcoming two Masters events in Indian Wells and Miami, Djokovic could also complete his fourth Sunshine Double, once again overcoming Federer, with whom he is tied now.

His tennis has also changed: he is more patient, calmer and mentally stronger than he already was. Without pressure, without rivals able to compete with him, with the desire to have fun and entertain his fans, Djokovic could continue his domination for the months to come.

As long as the body is able to keep all the efforts, reaching 20 Slams does not look like a far-off goal. ALSO READ: 'Federer is getting older, Nadal will be at the top on clay. Djokovic .. '