The parallelism between Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams

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The parallelism between Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams

There is an interesting parallelism between Naomi Osaka, fresh Australian Open champion, and Serena Williams, the greatest tennis player of all time. Here are the common points for which Osaka could be considered the true heir to Serena, and why not.

Why yes Determination The Japanese is extremely determined. She has shown it over the past six months, winning two consecutive Majors at just twenty-one years old, and becoming the new WTA no. 1. Style of play Her tennis is very similar to Serena's.

Osaka is an aggressive and offensive player from the baseline. Her service is very powerful, and it reaches 125 mph, as well as her forehand is very incisive. Mental strength She is a Slam champion at 21, something that many of her peers (men and women) have not been able to achieve.

In Melbourne, first against Pliskova, then against Kvitova, after losing the second set, Osaka found an incredible solidity and coldness, showing great mental strength. Why not Precociousness Serena, up to the age of 21, won only one Slam, but she did it at seventeen.

Moreover, at the same age as Naomi, Serena had already won 10 titles, including one Major and two WTA Finals. Completeness Still, up to the age of 21, Serena also won eight doubles titles, including an Olympic gold medal and four Slams.

At the age of sixteen, she also won two Slams in mixed doubles. Career Obviously, Osaka is launched in a career in which she has already won two Slams and Indian Wells. She will now have to continue her performances if she wants to become a lasting and winning leader.

The time has come, since the advent of Serena Williams, but replicating the career of the American will be a difficult achievement for anyone. Last thing: in the head-to-head, Osaka won the two previous challenge against Serena. Is it just a case?