What does the future hold for David Goffin?

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What does the future hold for David Goffin?

What does the future hold for David Goffin? The Belgian, finalist at the 2017 ATP World Tour Finals, is trying to regain confidence and results, after the problems of last season. Problems due to precarious physical conditions, injuries and negative results.

Conditions that, added to each other, had a domino effect on his season, making it difficult, especially compared to the resounding 2017. In 2017, Goffin won two titles in five finals played, reaching the quarter-finals at the Australian Open and the fourth round at the US Open.

That year he also broke the top-10 for the first time in his career. Today he is ranked 21st in the ATP ranking. Overcoming the physical problems of 2018 will not be entirely simple, but it is the only way to come back to compete with the best players of the men's tennis.

Finding good physical shape will come back good results, solidity and confidence, and the next results of the Belgian depend on these. After a good third round at the Australian Open 2019, Goffin will be able to play his best tennis between the clay season and the summer season on the North American hard courts.

Agility and footwork are the basis of his tennis, combined with a touch and a sensitivity out of the ordinary, which make him a skillful tennis player to play on all surfaces. Only by rediscovering his prodigious footwork, Goffin can return to fight to re-enter the top-10 ATP rankings and win other tournaments.

The future of the Belgian will depend on the next two years. It would be a shame to see a tennis player with his talent not being able to express himself at high levels. From the clay swing we will have the answers we are looking for.