Davis Cup's New Format: After criticisms, come first praise

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Davis Cup's New Format: After criticisms, come first praise

The critics have rained down on the new format of Davis Cup and on Gerard Pique (president and founder of Kosmos Tennis, the company that has acquired the rights of the event in its new format) approved by all parties in recent months.

For critics, the problem seems to be that the new format is going to upset the history of the oldest tournament in the sport for nations. The format that, according to many, had been studied only to increase the business, putting aside history and a sense of belonging.

Hard and fierce criticism, about a tennis event that, perhaps, made a radical change too fast and too quickly. A brief summary of the new format: the most important change was suffered by the World Group, which will be played in a week, in November, with 18 teams divided into six groups of three teams each.

The challenges between these teams include two singles matches and one doubles match. The top two teams of each group along with two best second-placed teams will find a place in the quarter-finals. Surely a very invasive change, criticized by insiders, fans and tennis players, but who, after the fierce criticism, also offered the first real praise. In fact, after the weekend with the qualifying round, some fans and insiders have changed their mind about the new Davis Cup, considering the tournament to be livelier, more sparkling, more interesting and more fun than ever before.

This is a first, timid sign of appreciation for the new format, despite, as we well know, the decisive moment will come during the final week of November, where the new Davis Cup and, especially the group of investments that launched the new format, will show their credibility in seven days.