What does Simona Halep need from a new coach, if she needs one?

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What does Simona Halep need from a new coach, if she needs one?

What does Simona Halep need from a new coach, if she needs one? The Romanian should make some improvements on grass courts. It should be the last step to be competitive on all surfaces. "We have decided to stop (with Thierry Van Cleemput) because we are not on the same line.

He is a good person, but there is no harmony on the court. I'm not looking for a new coach, I have my team and my sparring partner. I want to be free and apply the teachings of Darren Cahill," she had said about the end of her partnership with Van Cleemput after Doha.

In 2018, Simona crowned the much-dreamed first Slam, winning the French Open with grit. The fourth round at the Australian Open 2019 was the end of her reign as the world no. 1, giving way to Naomi Osaka; the defeat with Serena Williams left us thinking of a lackluster start to the season, even considering the elimination in Brisbane.

It must be said that she also had to dispose of some physical problems that limited her performances in the first weeks of the year. Her tennis is almost complete, but if she needs improvement, this should happen on the grass courts, on a surface where she has never expressed her best tennis, both for technical skills and for the style of play.

On hard and clay courts, she is now a complete player, Halep would need a coach on her team to help her to improve on grass courts, taking care of some parts of her tennis that have never been developed, such as net game and the serve and volley.

Styles that are not among her skills, but that should be refined for the least, to try to be competitive twelve months a year and on all surfaces. For now, there are no rumors of new coaches ready to sit down in her team, but if she were to choose one, a man or a woman with a winning experience on grass courts could be the ideal solution for her.