Can Novak Djokovic break Roger Federer's Slam record?

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Can Novak Djokovic break Roger Federer's Slam record?

Reaching Roger Federer's 20 Slams will not be easy for anyone. Rafael Nadal, at 17, is the first pursuer. Novak Djokovic at 15, can be considered, at the moment, the tennis player with more chances to match and even exceed the Swiss Maestro's record.

Nole has the right determination and competitive nastiness to reach the Swiss' record. The Serb just surpassed Pete Sampras' 14 Majors, and he is now in the same situation Federer found himself in 2009. That year, however, Roger was 28, while Nole is 31 now.

Djokovic will have to concentrate his energies and psycho-physical resources in order to reach this incredible goal after his resurrection, which took place at Wimbledon 2018. He has won the last three consecutive Majors and, winning at the French Open, he would be able to complete his second non-Calendar Slam.

The victory in Melbourne against Nadal put in evidence what everyone had understood for months; at the moment nobody seems able to compete with Djokovic. Unless sensational injuries or other problems related to factors outside the court, Nole could have, in the next two or three years, very important chances.

On grass and on hard courts he is currently unbeatable. He has shown it in the past, and he is doing it now, beating his opponents in London, New York and Melbourne. Only on clay, he has Nadal as a true adversary. At Wimbledon, Australian Open and US Open, in the next two years, he could also win all the Slams.

And all these, without considering that the career of Federer is preparing to live the last glorious phase. The Swiss could still win one or two Majors, but in the next two or three years, Djokovic has the great chance to match or exceed his record.