What does the road ahead look like for Victoria Azarenka?

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What does the road ahead look like for Victoria Azarenka?

Victoria Azarenka is living on a thin file, sportingly speaking; some good performances and many negative moments, which amount to a risk of her dropping from tennis' thread and being relegated to the sporting oblivion.

We are talking of a player able to win 20 titles in 36 finals played. The ascent and her best time are now only distant memories. The two year period 2012-2013, years during which she was able to win two Slams and two Olympic medals and fight against Serena Williams, are moments that belong to the past.

A series of injuries have relegated her to margins. Her return seemed assured in 2016. Then, first the motherhood, then the slow, long and difficult come back to competition. Without forgetting, the legal battle for the custody of her child.

She has also had many physical problems since 2017, which have limited her performances. However, Azarenka has not been able to take back all the great skills that she possesses and that she showed in the past. Some good performances, from 2017 onwards, the final of Wimbledon mixed doubles along Jamie Murray reached and lost in 2018.

Little, too little for who is considered one of the great protagonists of the last years. This season, after eliminations in the first round in Auckland and Melbourne, she reached the second round in St. Petersburg and the quarterfinals in Acapulco.

It could be positive signs, a physical and technical awakening, the quarterfinals in the Mexican tournaments, but at the moment we do not see how she can come back again even in top-10.