At crossroads: Nick Kyrgios' professional life

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At crossroads: Nick Kyrgios' professional life

Nick Kyrgios' talent is, according to many insiders, like Pandora's box: once opened, it could break down like a plague against his opponents. The problem, until now, is that the Australian's talent has only been expressed in part.

Braked by some behaviors on and off the court that have given him the tag of being a bad boy. Leaving aside all the posts and what he writes on his social networks, Kyrgios has always given the impression of a person whose talent has remained unfinished up to now.

And his season was confirming just this: a technical, physical and behavioral immaturity, which continues the trend already seen in 2018. Then the important victory at the Abierto Mexicano Telcel, against Alexander Zverev. His fifth career title could give him the right motivation to continue the season in an appropriate manner.

Considering that since the beginning of the year, he has reached the second round at the Brisbane International, the first round at the Australian Open and the second round at the Delray Beach Open, this victory is certainly positive news for him.

Anyway, the elimination in the second round of Indian Wells was unexpected. Currently, ranked 72nd in the ATP ranking, he has the right game and physical skills to not only aspire to breaking into the top-10 but above all to win a Major.

To date, the quarterfinals at Wimbledon 2014 and at the Australian Open 2015 remain his best results in the Majors. After many controversies related to his behavior, some improvements and many moments of blackout, Kyrgios' professional life is at decisive crossroads.

He needs to address the mental side of his tennis (inside and outside the court). After that, surely he will also need some physical improvements, especially with regard to care about his fitness. All details that make the difference between a talent and a champion.

On fast surfaces, he has all the skills to beat any opponent, even the Big Three. On grass courts and especially on hard courts, he expresses his best tennis, as we saw in Mexico in the victory against Zverev. Despite his twenty-three years, the time has come, and he will have to decide which way to take.