Nick Kyrgios hits back at the media

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Nick Kyrgios hits back at the media

Nick Kyrgios has hit back at media for the way they reported on his facial expressions during his Acapulco win.

For the record, Kyrgios did smile.

He also thanked the crowd (who had booed him during the early rounds of the tournament) for an incredible week in Acapulco. “I think at the start, when you’re playing Rafa, you walk out on the court with Rafa and it doesn’t matter too much.

He’s got the support. Same too with Roger when they go out there. I think a lot of them (the fans), haven’t seen a lot of Nick play tennis." "A lot of them are festive families that are there for holidays as well, that come and watch the tennis,” Australian tennis coach Roger Rasheed explained.

“They probably weren’t sure how to take Nick." "And then they watch him day in and day out and I think towards the end they gravitated towards his tennis and what he offers and he just showed what he’s capable of."

Kyrgios is a polarising player who divides opinion. The crowd love him, or they love to hate him. Kyrgios is fiery, outspoken and entertaining. The non-tennis fan and keyboard warrior love to get involved when he does something controversial.

It quickly gathers attention, as it is click bait and the story “sells”. But when he wins, suddenly many of those haters turn to fans. You can’t defend everything Kyrgios has said and done throughout his career to date, but there is also no doubt it is exaggerated throughout the media.

And Kyrgios has shown he is aware of what people write about him. During his Acapulco match against Nadal, Kyrgios expressed he was feeling sick, but he didn’t want to retire because he was concerned about how the crowd and media would react.

“I know like, if I forfeit, it’s gonna be bad,” Kyrgios told the trainers. “The media’s gonna blow it up”.

Granted Kyrgios is not the conventional tennis player and yes, he does have outbursts.

Not everyone has to like him. But when he does win, and when he does smile, we are allowed to appreciate these moments and not always refer to the negatives.