Eugénie Bouchard queen of social media and background actress on the court

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Eugénie Bouchard queen of social media and background actress on the court

Rumors say that Eugénie Bouchard could take an indefinite break from tennis, with the official motivation to recover from injuries. The Canadian, only 25-years-old, is still very young but she has regularly ended up as the center of media attention for many years now.

Precisely since 2014, her best year, where she reached the Wimbledon final and the semi-finals at the Australian Open and the French Open. From that year, she has fallen into a negative spiral of bad performances, which have relegated her to a role of background actress on tennis courts.

On the contrary, on social media she is very active. She is one of the most followed athletes. Social media is, at present, the main source of Bouchard's popularity and gain. She has almost two million followers on Instagram and just a few less on Twitter. Impressive numbers, especially when compared to the poor results and to the bad performances of the Canadian.

She always posts a lot on social media many of which have nothing to do with tennis. It is a normal thing, considering her young age. The use of social media has allowed her to have a lot of visibility, sign many important contracts and end up on the covers of magazines.

In short, a business that probably (I suppose) brings her more profits than tennis. For Bouchard, queen of social media but background actress on the tennis courts, it would be better to focus herself on an alternative to tennis, as her performances on the tennis courts are only giving her disappointments.

In 2014, she had her year of glory, enchanting the insiders, who, however, have come to see her as overrated, over the years. Genie has arrived at an important crossroads in her professional life; concentrate on tennis, or focus on something else. Or carry on doing both: in the end, business and earnings are coming for her anyway, despite the poor performances.