Will Maria Sharapova's dark moment be a happy ending?

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Will Maria Sharapova's dark moment be a happy ending?

Maria Sharapova's future continues to be very nebulous, without any light visible on the horizon. In fact, after the shoulder surgery and the relative stop from competitions, the Siberian was supposed to come back in time for the Stuttgart tournament.

Instead the physical conditions did not allow her to play; in fact, she was forced to miss both the Mutua Madrid Open, the Internazionali BNL d'Italia in Rome and the France Open The recovery is slower and longer than expected. For now there aren't good news, for her and her fans.

She will skip the Roland Garros and now her presence at Wimbledon is in doubt. Things didn't go as planned, and Sharapova now could come back between London and the Summer on the North American hard courts But what will be her physical conditions and, therefore, her ambitions? Needless to deny it; despite her character as a warrior, she will be an unknown, for herself and for her adversaries.

If the additional recovery time of these weeks and the next weeks will have its effects, then it would not be utopia to see Masha back in shape at least for New York. On the contrary, if her physical condition will be precarious, then her season will be a passing time.

So, for the rest of the season, probably her goals will be quite simple; stay healthy and play as many matches as possible, forfeiting matches and game minutes, and why not, try to win some titles. After being disqualified for doping in 2016 for 15 months, Sharapova was targeted with injuries, which did not allow her to express her best tennis in the last two years. She will be the first to hope for a turnaround.