Tennis players, the gold hunting keeps on going! From Nadal to Ferrer, swinging by the Williams

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Tennis players, the gold hunting keeps on going! From Nadal to Ferrer, swinging by the Williams

I’ve never been a “prig” and this role, in very truth, it doesn’t suit me. Anyway, these days in which you can’t help your self at all not to go against some tennis players, against some declarations completely out of every possible and imaginable logic.

Before starting it occurs to do a preface: money is fundamental. Useless to say the usual sentences about how much money doesn’t make happiness and so on. All, no one excluded, do a determined profession for a compensation, necessary and essential condition to start any kind of professional relationship.

So that, connecting the topic “money” with the topic “tennis”, I surely don’t get impressed by the previous prizes passed under the counter to the racket champions just to assure the presence in the X or Y tournament, I don’t even get impressed by the useless doubles or mixed doubles played just and only to scrape together more money as possible or by the various participations in team competitions rather than exhibitions around the world.

To irritate me is the named, to use a scientific term, the bulls*it to which the great champions made us used to. So I absolutely find objectionable the old story lasted for years of a Rafael Nadal ready to go against the length of the ATP season to be then present in first line in the Emirates or in Colombia for absolutely useless matches.

For how much absurd, seeing the annual money prices brought home every year by the various Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, Tsonga, ecc, I can accept the idea of taking part to such manifestations but surely not the one of then complaining because of injuries, tiredness, and much more Also Roger Federer is no less who will soon start the trip around South America.
Despite his fans are seing this all like a sort of benevolence act of the Swiss, who as good child always polite and respectful, want to spread his verb, showing the art of tennis to the Colombians and Brazilians, the reality is slightly different.

The whole thing will be then obviously followed by a “mmm no maybe I won’t play the Davis, I’m tired and I have to prepare the Slams!” Some weeks ago the problem become again popular thanks to the marvelous oratory performances of Caroline Wozniacki and Serena Williams.

The first one, probably in an evident confused state of mind, was able to complain for the too many partnerships and the relative appointments advertising and not. Poor girl, she would like to be paid without making absolutely nothing, being present at no appointment, without making photo shoots and interviews.

She reached the pick affirming that, strangely enough, even though she doesn’t have any intention leave even just one contract. Who could have ever said it… Interesting would have been to discover where they find the time to train, since that the Danish really can’t overwhelmed by social duties, the various Federer, Nadal, Sharapova, Williams.

Right Serena was the author of the weekly cherry when, without shame at all, was able to annunciate her presence at Bastaad 2013, low level tournament and that even a whoever Angelique Kerber would look at it with a disgusted face, with an emphasis out of place.

Big Serena has even affirmed that she can’t wait to play in Bastaad, like to laugh loud at her in about a nanosecond. For who didn’t guessed it she will play in the Swedish land for just one reason. Guess what. But does the God Money really push the tennis player to this point? .