Amanda Anisimova will lead the future of US women's tennis

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Amanda Anisimova will lead the future of US women's tennis

We must always take the rise of a young player of the WTA Tour with great caution. In the past, many have been acclaimed as future stars of the WTA system, but most of them have either completely disappointed their expectations or only partially respected them.

Now the WTA Tour is experiencing a moment of chaos that lasts from the triumph of Serena Williams to the Australian Open 2017. Between Serena's motherhood and her return, no real leader has emerged but there have been multiple winners, with a very large group of young players.

Among them, Amanda Anisimova is perhaps the brightest star. Although she has still to complete her tennis skills (she is only 17 years old) she has already shown that she has potential that is out of the ordinary. It is no coincidence that at her young age Anisimova has already reached a semi-final in a Slam, and she already won her first WTA final this year.

Amanda could (yes, it is an obligation to use the conditional) become the star that will guide US women's tennis in the future. She has all the physical and technical qualities to reach great goals. It won't be easy; now she is under the spotlight, and she must be very good at managing expectations and pressure.

But if these that we have just seen in the past weeks are the premises, then she will have a great future. We can already imagine how, in the coming years, her rivalry with Bianca Andreescu and Dayana Yastremska may be inflaming the courts' crowds.

In the season, in addition to the victory at the Claro Open Colsanitas of Bogotà against Astra Sharma and the semi-final of the Roland Garros, she also reached the fourth round of the Australian Open the quarter-finals in Auckland.

Russian origins but American by birth, Anisimova has shown that she knows how to play well both on clay-courts and on hard courts. Now it will be intriguing to see her improvements on grass-courts. Her tennis is evolving. As already seen she is managing to mix physical strength and attention to detail, patience and determination.

She will have to improve a lot to be able to aspire to the throne of women's tennis, but destiny seems to be on her side.