Wimbledon and Cori Gauff marked Venus Williams' last career chance

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Wimbledon and Cori Gauff marked Venus Williams' last career chance

Venus Williams, at thirty-nine years-old, experienced one of the most significant moments of her season, on the Wimbledon lawns. The American legend lost in the first round of the third seasonal Slam, in what was a passing baton to the young countrywoman Coco Gauff.

An icon like Venus, in the world of sport, can and must only be looked at with admiration by fans, insiders and media, both for what he did in her career, and as an example for the youngest, for commitment, dedication and willpower.

Fighting daily with Sjögren's Syndrome, for almost ten years now, is not an easy task, especially now that age is advancing inexorably. But today we need to focus on more technical and numerical aspects. Wimbledon and Coco Gauff marked Venus Williams' last career chance to win a Slam.

Venus had her last chance to write the story on her beloved All England Club courts. It could have been very difficult, and so it was, despite no one thought of her sensational first-round defeat against fifteen-years-old Gauff.

Age, Sjögren's Syndrome, younger rivals, the motivations of her countrywoman. It would have been very unlikely to see her triumph at the Championships, but what happened in the first round, against a girl who has always admired Venus, is equivalent to an exchange between present and future.

Similar in look and style of play, Venus can be happy to find a worthy tennis player who could (with the young is an obligation to use the conditional) be his heir on the court. Can Venus still get something from her season? Her 2019 is continuing along the lines of 2018.

Few satisfactions on the court, but no desire to surrender. Venus may still have some chances to get something good. Many variables will have to occur for this to happen, but it can happen. A champion like he can't settle for the first round at Wimbledon. It will be important to see if her motivation and her pride will prevail over the age that passes inexorably.