Cori Gauff is predestined, but don't call her the new Serena Williams

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Cori Gauff is predestined, but don't call her the new Serena Williams

We have all seen it; the first round at Wimbledon between Cori Gauff and Venus Williams seemed the passing of the baton. Coco showed to the world her incredible skills; reaching the fourth round at the All England Club at just 15 years and 129 days is a goal that few athletes can boast.

Without considering the defeat against Simona Halep, the eventual champion of the tournament. Blessed and elected by all as the future star of American women's tennis, I can say after seeing her play that her qualities on a tennis court are amazing.

The technique, physical and mental strength. she has everything to break the top-10 in a few months and to triumph, within a few years, in a Grand Slam tournament. Managing the celebrity and the pressure will be the hardest test, for a very strong girl but also very young.

Her herself, her team and her family's skills will be incredibly important in the coming months when Coco will have to learn to manage the weight of being a predestined one. What I would like to point out is: don't call her the new Serena, nor the new Venus Williams.

The sisters are two legends of tennis and American sport, and now it is premature to talk about such a comparison. This only risks creating more pressure and expectations around Gauff, who should grow and play without burning the stages.

And anyway, American women's tennis has shown the functionality of the generational change, with many young tennis players who have appeared in the tennis headquarters, ready to take the future of their professional movement in hand when all the other legends have hung the racket on the wall.