Van Uytvanck and Minnen: A kiss against homophobia

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Van Uytvanck and Minnen: A kiss against homophobia

Alison Van Uytvanck and Greet Minnen are a couple in life. They came out at Wimbledon 2018 after Van Uytvanck's victory against Garbine Muguruza. At the end of the match, Greet and Alison exchanged a kiss to celebrate the victory.

They love each other, they want to become a family and have children, but in the meantime, at the 125K in Karlsruhe, they faced each other in the first round of the tournament. "It wouldn't be easy to play against each other.

We don't even want to think about it! Even if we would give the best! ”They said a few months ago. Van Uytvanck won the match in three sets. At the end of the challenge, the two girls hugged each other and gave each other a tender kiss; a concrete and winning response against homophobia.

After the kiss at Wimbledon, as Minnen said, the only insults came from the punters, disappointed by Muguruza's defeat, who attacked Van Uytvanck, saying her: "Lesbian w***e, I hope you die!". "It's even worse when they insult our families.

They wished my mother to die of cancer," said Van Uytvanck. Prejudices are the worst, grotesque and obscene part of any sport, which is still strong today but we hope, in a short time, we can have a cultural growth. Alison and Greet met in 2015, in Wilrijk.

They have been friends for a couple of years, before realizing that it was not just a friendship but something more. Their families supported them, although it wasn't easy at the beginning: "My father had no problems, while my mother struggled to accept it, but in the end she did it.

Greet was welcomed at my house, and now they see us as a daughter and daughter-in-law," said Alison. For Minnen, the only one who had any doubts was her father, "but then he accepted it" as the tennis player said.

As also happened in other generations and other sports, these, there have been examples that have been a bulwark for the fight against homophobia. Van Uytvanck and Minnen are the best examples of these years, and their kiss is the best answer against homophobia and prejudices.