Alex De Minaur: Growing talent with the usual ups and downs

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Alex De Minaur: Growing talent with the usual ups and downs

Alex De Minaur is continuing his technical, tactical and physical maturation. The Australian is getting the first successes of his career, and at only twenty-years-old, he is certainly one of the most concrete hopes for the future of men's tennis.

All this considering the ups and downs typical of the Next Generation. After a very positive 2018, De Minaur is improving his skills even this season, where he won his first two ATP titles. But between these wins, there were long periods of struggle, due to several factors; physical problems, mental solidity, experience in managing pressure and young age.

His season began with the quarter-finals in Brisbane, the victory in Sydney and the third round at the Australian Open. Among Acapulco, s-Hertogenbosch and Wimbledon he had both physical and technical problems, managing to reach the quarter-finals in Acapulco and s-Hertogenbosch, while in the other tournaments he had only disappointments.

The victory in Atlanta and his second career title, have given oxygen back to a boy who has been going through a bad time for 7 months. At only 20, De Minaur can still get many improvements but will have to work on the two biggest gaps in his tennis: the physical and the mental side.

He has a great talent, but physically he still has to form his physique, with the style of play he prefers on the court. Only by achieving this balance it will be possible to see a substantial improvement in his tennis, and for this reason, it could take months, if not years.

Then he will have to be able to handle pressure and the most delicate mental aspects of training, matches, and off-court life. The road to success passes through these ways.