Can Matteo Berrettini become a Slam-champion?

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Can Matteo Berrettini become a Slam-champion?

Perhaps Italy found a great champion, both for the present and for the future: Matteo Berrettini. Berrettini's rise seems unstoppable, and even his improvements. From a technical and tactical point of view, he can play a good level of tennis on all playing surfaces.

He fits well on clay-courts, but he expresses his best tennis on fast surfaces. It is no coincidence that in two months he got the fourth round at Wimbledon and the semifinal at the US Open. Losing against opponents like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Berrettini has improved many aspects of his tennis, especially in recent months. Pressure management is one of them. Just look at the difference in performances on the Wimbledon Center Court match against Federer and the Arthur Ashe Stadium match against Nadal.

In two months he has made incredible progress. In two years he has won three titles in four finals played, three of them in 2019. So, can Matteo Berrettini become a Slam-champion? Compared to many of his other countrymen, which tend to be specialists in clay courts (such as Fabio Fognini), Berrettini may have other cards to play.

He can express a very interesting technical variation, making his tennis more fluid, spectacular and less mechanical. Then winning a Slam is a matter of detail. Zverev and Tsitsipas are considered the future of men's tennis, but they never reached a semi-final in a Major.

Berrettini showed that his growth path is at a very important stage. The last step is the continuity in performances and results. He will have to grow both in these aspects and in terms of mental solidity. So yes, maybe within a few years seeing Berrettini triumphing in a Slam may not just be a utopia.