Sharapova has become a businesswoman, but tennis needs her

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Sharapova has become a businesswoman, but tennis needs her

Maria Sharapova has remained behind in time, since returning from her 15-month ban in 2017. Since her come back on the court, in April 2017, she has lived two and a half years of physical problems, results below expectations and, in general, a little positive impact (in terms of results) in the world of tennis.

The first-round match of the US Open 2019 against her nemesis Serena Williams gave little encouraging feelings to her and her fans. But this is nothing new. Everyone can lose to Serena, especially Masha, for whom the Americana became a real nightmare.

But the WTA Tour needs her charisma and strength. At the same time, despite the non-positive results, her popularity remains unchanged, and she is still considered a reference athlete for many of her young colleagues. Should positive results also arrive on the courts, Maria would multiply the visibility of women's tennis.

Serena also struggled after her motherhood, but she is proving to still be there to fight to win titles and reach her records. Sharapova instead entered a technical, tactical and physical crisis that does not allow her to express her best tennis, even for a series of injuries that are limiting her performances.

At the same time, Sharapova became a great businesswoman, able to manage investments and a high-level financial empire, demonstrating her versatility and making it a source of inspiration at three hundred and sixty degrees, and not only from a sporting point of view.

Her life is running on two parallel tracks, but WTA, her fans and insiders still hope is to see her once at the top on-court, able to fight with all the teenagers that are achieving important results.