Jack Sock's injury is now only a memory

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Jack Sock's injury is now only a memory

The thumb injury held Jack Sock in the box for almost seven months, but now American tennis has finally re-embraced one of its great protagonists. Because Sock can bring talent, charisma and victories, pleasant tennis to see and a sparkling behavior.

Due to the rupture of the ligaments of the thumb of the right hand, after the fall while practising snowboarding, he had to skip the entire season after the Australian Open, coming back on the court only at the end of July.

In Washington, he suffered a penalty point from Mohamed Lahyani, who did not miss an obscenity of the American. Then at the Laver Cup the excellent victory against Fabio Fognini, after a very good tennis performance. Now comes the last part of the season. With a few points to defend and everything to gain, Sock will have to try to regain confidence, minutes in the legs and athletic shape.

All this must be preparatory to his 2020. At only 26 years, Sock can aspire to become the best American tennis player of his generation, and he has all the skills to do it. Four titles - including the 2017 Paris-Bercy Masters 1000 - in men's singles, 14 in men's doubles, including Wimbledon and US Open 2018 and ATP Finals, again last season.

The American is a brilliant tennis player in all specialities, who can aspire to a starring role. On fast surfaces, he expresses his best tennis. Now that his career started again, after the serious injury, he will have to play the last months of 2019 to get the maximum, so as to present himself as a restored player in the 2020 season.