Andy Murray's best level is still far but not so far

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Andy Murray's best level is still far but not so far

"I don't expect to go back to the golden age. It would probably be a bit silly to believe that it could happen. For the skills I have, I can still play at the maximum level but we'll see if the physique holds. I still need time to get used to these rhythms.

However, I can still make some improvements to my game in the coming days before going to Beijing." In short, this may be a summary of Andy Murray's latest statements. The Scot will play four consecutive tournaments.

After the defeat in the second round of Zhuhai against Alex De Minaur, he will also play Beijing, Shanghai and Antwerp. The defeat against De Minaur came after a great performance. The Briton, although he lost the match, showed excellent signals.

As also seen in the first round match against Tennys Sandgren. Murray's problem is to find athletic continuity and adequate physical shape. Obviously, after what happened in his crazy 2019, with the announcement of the retirement post-Australian Open and the comeback, already seeing him on the court is good for men's tennis.

Now, if he wants to return to compete to win the most important tournaments and to compete against the most dangerous opponents, then he will have to concentrate on the movements, the pace of the matches and the athletic endurance.

From a technical and mental point of view, we have seen a tennis player ready, even in Zhuhai. Playing four consecutive tournaments could tire his body but it will also be an opportunity to put important minutes in his legs.

The goal of Murray is to find athletic continuity in the last few months of 2019 and present himself in 2020 as a player ready to win. His determination and all his skills can be fundamental for his new season.