Andrey Rublev and the importance of 2020

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Andrey Rublev and the importance of 2020

Andrey Rublev's season is like a half-ripe; it's starting to look good but has not yet reached maturity. To reach full maturity, Rublev will still need some time, but 2020 will be a very important year for him, from many points of view.

Starting often from the qualifying draw, Rublev was able to get good placements in the tournaments he played this year, reaching and losing the Hamburg final against Nikoloz Basilashvili. Despite some minor physical problems and of management of matches, the Russian showed a good solidity, even in some moments of pressure.

Physically he still has to make improvements, but this year he played many matches and many tournaments, and so it sometimes happened that the athletic brilliance was missing. In general, however, we can say that his physique is responding adequately.

Technically he is in possession of good skills, which must be refined over the next few months. The talent is not lacking in the Russian, who must, however, give more continuity to his performances. Tactically he still has to make many improvements.

Something more has been seen this year, but it is still not enough to compete at the same level as the strongest tennis players of the ATP Tour. Although his season was good, there were some negative aspects, and there are other aspects that need to be confirmed and then improved.

This should be his goal for 2020: to confirm the good things of this year and make a further and decisive leap of quality, despite the fierce competition. Like two of his compatriots, Karen Khachanov and Daniil Medvedev have done.