Is Garbine Muguruza's crisis irreversible?

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Is Garbine Muguruza's crisis irreversible?

Garbine Muguruza has always alternated moments of great tennis and long periods of black-out. But the Spaniard is experiencing a very negative moment, which has been going on for two years now. A crisis that is not finding solutions and that risks compromising the good things done in the 2015-2017 three-year period.

Even during that period, there were long negative periods, but among them Garbine won the Roland Garros and Wimbledon, playing and losing even a final on the lawns of the All England Club in 2015. Instead, in the two-year period from 2018-2019, she collected too few joys respect to what everyone expected from her career.

Also losing many positions of the WTA ranking (she is at the 28th position). Former world no.1 has won two titles in the last two years (twice in the Monterrey tournament), reaching a Slam semifinal in 2018 at the French Open.

Too little for a tennis player who was considered the future leader of women's tennis just two seasons ago. Is this crisis irreversible? It should not be irreversible, but there are a lot of variables. What is happening to her is a situation that has occurred and is also occurring with her other colleagues in recent years.

The pressure and the solidity made a bad joke to Muguruza, who was unable to harness the fame and continue her amazing career in the right way. Although she is still young (she is only 26 years old), many of her younger colleagues seem to have passed her.

Compared to her best period, there are now many more competitors who aspire to win tournaments. The competition, in two years, has soared and Muguruza has not managed to stay with the right pace. Some physical problems have limited her, but her regression seems as much mental as physical and technical.

Last July she split with her coach Sam Sumyk. However not even this solution seems to have given, at least for now, a shock to the torpor of the Spaniard. Considering that the season is almost at an end, it is better if she starts planning for 2020, to get charged and definitely out of this long lethargy.