Hyeon Chung: The injury is a memory, it's time for rebirth

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Hyeon Chung: The injury is a memory, it's time for rebirth

The victory at Next Gen Finals 2017 and the semi-final at the Australian Open 2018 were the preludes of Hyeon Chung's rise. Then, after a good 2018 and the Australian Open 2019, the South Korean remained stationary for six months, due to a back injury that kept him in the box for more than half-a-season.

The recovery was slow and went through Challenger tournaments. Six months after the last match played in Rotterdam, last February, Chung came back to the courts only at the end of July at the Chengdu Challenger, in China, where he won the title in the final against Yuichi Sugita.

His come back passed through two other Challengers and then through the US Open, starting from the qualifications. In New York he played a good Slam, passing the qualifications and reaching the third round of the main draw, where he was defeated by the eventual champion Rafael Nadal.

At this point, only 23 years old and with few tournaments to play until the end of the season, Chung will be able to concentrate on his 2020. Right from the Australian tournaments, where we will have to see if his psycho-physical shape has come back to a good level.

He still has the most important part of his career ahead of him, if injuries leave him in peace South Korean would have the skills to carve out an important role in the ATP Tour. This is the phase of his career rebirth after the long stop.

If his mental solidity was able to manage well the moments of pressure, his career is ready to restart as in the best moments.