Venus Williams still on the court is a gift for tennis

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Venus Williams still on the court is a gift for tennis

Seeing Venus Williams still on the court is a gift for tennis. Her name in the main draws of the most important tournaments is one of the last links with a game of tennis that has now become legendary. We must not forget that Venus played on a temporal surface that spanned three decades, starting from the end of the 90s to today.

Next year she will be 40 years old, and perhaps she will begin to make serious considerations about her career and how much she can still play. I can only say one thing about it: we hope her retirement will take place as late as possible!

After the incredible 2017 final played at the Australian Open, Wimbledon and at WTA Finals, the American has been achieving negative results for two seasons now. Years pass, physical problems increase, but her tenacity is that of a 20-year-old.

What an example! For all the young girls who are transforming their career from strangers to stars. The willpower and dedication of Venus would be to clone and to show in all tennis schools around the world, to show the girls who approach a tennis racket what it means to fight every week with the same determination, even when things go wrong.

Even when we receive negative news, like Sjögren's Syndrome. There is nothing else beyond that tennis court. There is nothing else besides that ball, which at times can be as heavy as a stone. Every drop of sweat is a tribute to our sport and Venus is one of the last bastions of women's tennis and of American sport.

Then what to say? Her season has experienced ups and downs. She showed the best things at the beginning of the season, but later the results were disappointing. But what else do we have to ask this fantastic girl who continues to excite us at every match she plays? In spite of the threshold of the 40 springs, she is still here fighting, and the others?