Simona Halep: Nothing after Wimbledon

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Simona Halep: Nothing after Wimbledon

The victory at Wimbledon has definitively certified Simona Halep's career, made up of too many disappointments until the French Open 2018. Now, with two Slams won, Halep can still improve her score and add other Majors to her collection.

Yet her season after the Championships was disappointing. In the first six months of the year, Simona played with a certain regularity, arriving in the final in Doha and Madrid and in the semi-finals in Miami, in addition to the quarter-finals at Roland Garros.

After London, her best result was the Rogers Cup quarter-finals. Obviously the first part of the season required most of her energies, and it was a wise and right choice, considering the victory at the All England Club, on a surface never congenial to her tennis Between physical problems and negative performances, the second part of her season was disappointing.

Honestly, I was expecting something more, especially after what I saw in the previous months. At the WTA Finals in Shenzhen, she will have the opportunity to compete for a title that has always escaped from her hand. Halep played a more than a positive season, but often it happened in the past too, she didn't have that regularity in the performances and in the results that allowed her to get more titles, especially in a certain part of the year.

The Romanian is still relatively young, and at 28 she can still aspire to great goals, and she will surely achieve them. Perhaps she could reconsider the management of the schedule, so as to better program the tournaments she will want to play and select the events necessary to be always competitive at the highest level through the whole season.