Grigor Dimitrov is sending good signals for 2020

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Grigor Dimitrov is sending good signals for 2020

Yes, finally Grigor Dimitrov is sending positive signals to the world of tennis, to his fans and to himself. After the victory at the 2017 ATP Finals, the Bulgarian entered into a never-ending crisis, so as to seem almost irreversible.

A year-and-a-half spent tumbling through the tennis courts as if he were any Walking Dead, a stand-in with respect to the player admired in 2017. Dimitrov mishandled a season that was to serve as a springboard. If his 2018 was disappointing, the first eight months of 2019 played by the 28-year-old were even worse.

No one, perhaps not even the dearest of his relatives could think of seeing him play a Slam semifinal at the US Open. Yet Dimitrov, contrary to what happened in the last eighteen or twenty months, raised his head again, with pride and great performances, stopping only in front of a great Daniil Medvedev.

Autumn has thus awakened the Bulgarian from lethargy. The semi-final in New York was not a single light in the dark: at the Chengdu Open he reached the quarter-finals and at the Rolex Paris Masters he obtained another semifinal, losing against the eventual champion Novak Djokovic.

So his last months on the court were positive. In 2020, Dimitrov will have to remember to be a champion, not the shadow of a champion. He is still relatively young and he can still achieve important victories. In his career, in general, he has not yet expressed his full potential, but if he finds himself in physical shape and trusts, he can be a dangerous opponent for all his opponents, and even in Grand Slam tournaments.

Mental solidity and some physical problems are the aspects that have penalized the Bulgarian in recent months. But just between New York and Paris, he regained confidence and security, reviving his status.