Stefanos Tsitsipas' Masters title is a promise that must be kept

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Stefanos Tsitsipas' Masters title is a promise that must be kept

Now comes the most difficult moment for Stefanos Tsitsipas: keeping the promise made to the fans, the media and the insiders after his victory at the 2019 London ATP Finals. Yes, because Tsitsipas, by winning the title and becoming the second 21 years old in a row to triumph in London, closed a good season.

He overturned gloomy predictions and brought back old-school tennis, in a poignant way. Tsitsipas' tennis - especially the one admired in London - takes us back in time, to the dawn of our favorite sport, when the protagonists played with fantasy, volleys, net-games, drop shots and tactically-offensive tennis, which is gradually disappearing, leaving space to an evolutionarily-modern tennis, where physical prowess is a predominant factor.

The third title of the year after Marseille and Cascais in six finals played, Tsitsipas won in London the year after triumphing at the ATP Next Gen Finals in Milan. In 2019, he had some ups and downs, especially during the grass-swing, when, considering his tennis, everyone was disappointed by his performances.

2020 will have to bring greater serenity, more awareness, confidence and continuity, in performances and results. Despite being just 21, Tsitsipas is already considered a champion, but he must be careful to not emulate Alexander Zverev's 2019: the German after the victory at 2018 ATP Finals had an inconsistent 2019 season.

The Greek will have to improve many aspects of his tennis, especially pressure management. 2020 will be perhaps the most important year of his career, during which he will build a solid and continuous base to obtain the triumphs that everyone expects from him in the immediate future, and keep the promise made with the victory at the ATP Finals.