Roger Federer's goals for 2020 are Wimbledon and the Olympic gold medal

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Roger Federer's goals for 2020 are Wimbledon and the Olympic gold medal

Roger Federer has great goals for 2020. The first of course is to defend himself from the attacks of Rafael Nadal, who now, with 19 Slam, is at only a Major away from the Swiss Maestro's record. This will be a great battle, which could highlight a fantastic season full of interesting plots, perhaps the most interesting in recent years.

But Federer will have two main goals, which will overshadow all the others: Wimbledon and the victory of the gold medal at the Tokyo Summer Olympics Games, which will be played just a short distance from the London Slam.

At Wimbledon Federer comes from defeat in the epic finale of 2019 against Novak Djokovic, where he wasted two match points on his serve. Roger, with 8 titles, is the record man at the All England Club, but Djokovic has concrete chances of being able to reach his record in the coming years.

A Federer's win, which would equate to his 9th titles, would mean that his record will hardly be equaled in the future, not even by Djokovic. The Swiss is one of the few tennis players able to compete for the victory at Wimbledon, and his season could be concentrated precisely to reach the maximum shape between mid-June and mid-August.

The Olympic gold medal in men's singles is the one win that has eluded Federer up to now. Should he win, he would then complete the Golden Slam, to which must be added the titles in the Davis Cup, at the ATP Finals and the gold medal in the doubles, got with Stan Wawrinka in Beijing 2008.

Federer will have excellent chances in Tokyo. Many of his rivals could arrive at that week with different goals to be obtained in the following weeks, or with goals to be achieved in the previous weeks. Is it possible that Roger will concentrate his season precisely to hit these two highly coveted and highly dreamed goals?