Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal: Two styles that complement each other

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Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal: Two styles that complement each other

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are the most successful tennis players in the history of men's singles: they have combined to win 39 Slams (20 Federer, 19 Nadal), getting records and achievements that will remain indelible in the history of tennis.

Their rivalry has marked an era and has become legendary. A sporting contrast that inflamed media, crowds and fans for fifteen years. Both chased each other, to improve and to overcome themselves. Their matches are epic and the result of two opposing styles of play, such as light and shadow, ice and fire, but which, during the game, merge, completing effectively.

Where one ends, the other begins, as in Yin and Yang. Federer is, stylistically, the meeting point between classic tennis and modern tennis. His movements and his speed seem to make him dance on the courts. With his tennis-playing arm, Roger has been able to do magic that not even Hary Potter can match!

His attack game is made of pure class, where touch and sensitivity still play a fundamental role. Speed, precision, fantasy: Federer's tennis reaches levels of unreachable beauty, with magic shots such as drop shots and volleys worthy of the greatest tennis players of past ages.

Nadal's tennis is a concentrate of speed, power and tactics. His extremely defensive game from the baseline was the key to his success. His half-handed forehand is able to make fantastic trajectories and rotations (do you remember the banana-shot?).

Despite his injuries, his physique managed to stay on a crazy level, allowing the Spaniard to remedy playing surfaces that were not congenial to him, like grass and hard-courts. In the head-to-head Rafa leads 24-16. If, until the Swiss Indoors 2015, Rafa had seemed like a chronic virus for Roger, Federer found a winning cure: the backhand, his old weak point, getting his biggest win against his rival at 2017 Australian Open.

From that match in 2015, Federer has won six of the last seven challenges against his Spanish rival. This year their rivalry will reach climax: Nadal will try to break Federer's Slam record. We hope to see these two tennis players face off on the court again in 2020, because when they play they seem one, despite their tennis being at the antipodes.