Life outside the top 100: Is there still too much difference?

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Life outside the top 100: Is there still too much difference?

Tennis isn't always a beautiful tennis club, rich prizes money and all the spotlights. For tennis players out of the top 50 and even more for those out of the top 100, there are many aspects to consider, which can influence the daily life of athletes.

A few years ago, Kevin Anderson and his wife explained in detail how they planned their travels for tournaments during the season, saying how flights, hotels, food should be chosen according to the expenses to be made. Anderson also got two Slam finals and his status, once inside the top 10, certainly improved even more.

Costs are a fundamental part: outside the top-100, tennis players must organize themselves to play a full, very long and expensive season. To accumulate points and win a decent series of prizes money (to which they will be reinvested for the team, transfers and everything necessary), tennis players out of the top-100 must play a very long season of eleven months.

By undergoing very strong physical and mental efforts. Noah Rubin, former Wimbledon junior champion mentioned it some time ago: "If you are not in the top-50 and therefore you are trying to get as many points as possible, you are forced to play too many tournaments, and this is a real problem.

The season it lasts eleven months and you're mostly alone. People see Roger Federer lifting the trophy, but they don't see who is forced to play ITF or Challenger tournaments in Germany or Mexico. Then there is loneliness, a failure because you constantly feel like a failure.

There are some real problems on the tour, many people take a break. Depression is prevalent, there is a lot of alcohol and substance abuse because that's how people deal with tennis." Because, in fact, the collateral damage of this partition is certainly linked to factors that negatively influence daily life, such as depression, the use of alcohol or drugs.

There is still a lot of difference between the top of the ATP or WTA ranking and those who are out of the top 100. From this year the prize money will be higher and there will be more prizes also for the Challenger and ITF tournaments.

There are surely the conditions to improve the professional life of a tennis player who struggles out of the top 100, but the work is still a lot. It is normal for associations to put the spotlight where there are top players and where there is a greater possibility of doing business, but the work of ATP, WTA and ITF is trying to give more possibilities at all levels.

"I don't know if people realize that alcohol abuse in tennis is something really widespread. I know many players who have to prepare for next week and spend hours drinking. Personally I don't drink, I never did." Rubin said, and this gives an idea of ​​how the situation is.