Is Roger Federer the most attractive athlete for sponsors?

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Is Roger Federer the most attractive athlete for sponsors?

Is Roger Federer the most attractive athlete for sponsors? Between earnings, salaries, prize money and sponsors, Forbes' most-dominant as we know is soccer star Lionel Messi, ​​with $127 million. The 32-year-old Argentinian precedes FC Juventus soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

In third place, another soccer player, Brazilian Neymar, who plays for the French club, PSG. Roger Federer is in fifth place in this special classification. The Swiss Maestro is one of the most beloved athletes in terms of sponsorships and, for what he embodies in the world of sport, he is perhaps the most palatable ever, despite the rankings.

Federer's global image is a consolidated brand over the years, which has become international (RF, with Nike). It cannot be just a coincidence that UNIQLO has done everything to have Federer, with a ten-year contract that will earn the Swiss reportedly about $300 million!

But the strategic choice of UNIQLO, Japanese brad, was also made in consideration of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games: what better choice than Federer as a cover-man? Federer is 38 years old, he will be 39 in August 2020, but sponsors always want him.

Considering that he should play up to the age of 40, with incredible profit margins, for the next two years many brands will still want to have Federer on their side, and this will probably happen even when Federer will retire.

The Swiss represents some of the most important and famous brands: UNIQLO, Rolex, Barilla, Mercedes-Benz, Lindt, Moet & Chandon, Sunrise, NetJet, Rimowa, Jura, Credit Swiss and, of course, Wilson, the brand of his racket.

The contract with Mercedes-Benz will only expire in 2027, the contract with UNIQLO in 2028, with Rolex it will probably be a lifelong partnership! In 2019, Federer made $86.4 million through endorsements, an incredible figure.

This highlights a factor to take into consideration: now the real brand is precisely represented by the Swiss, sought by many for his image that has its own size and perhaps an incalculable value.