How much will the Olympics affect Roger Federer's 2020 schedule?

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How much will the Olympics affect Roger Federer's 2020 schedule?

How much will the Tokyo Olympic Games affect Roger Federer's 2020 schedule? Certainly, the Olympics will have very important relevance in the Swiss' season, during the time of the year very busy for him, in which he will first have the grass-season, with Wimbledon as the main goal, and then, a few weeks after London, there will be Tokyo.

Then the Summer on the American hard-courts, culminating at the US Open. Theoretically, Federer should also play the French Open and perhaps another tournament on clay-courts. The victory of the Olympic gold medal is perhaps the only great achievement that Federer lacks and, together with Wimbledon, it will be his main goal for 2020.

However, the Olympic tournament will inevitably have an impact on the Swiss' season. Could Federer have to reconsider the idea of ​​playing the clay-season or, at the limit, playing only Roland Garros? Could he present himself, during the summer after the Olympics, directly to the US Open, thus skipping the Rogers Cup and Cincinnati? Roger Federer will want to arrive in July, between London and Tokyo, to the maximum of his psycho-physical condition.

He will play on grass-courts at least in Halle. It is, therefore, possible that the Swiss decide to skip the clay-season, or play the French Open directly, without having any expectations, but only putting minutes in the legs.

After Tokyo it will be difficult to see Federer in both Masters 1000: it is much more likely he will play in Cincinnati in preparation for the US Open. But his absence in Cincinnati, to play directly in New York, cannot be excluded.

In recent years the American Slam became a chimera for him; the same could happen this year. Roger Federer will look for the all-in in Wimbledon and Tokyo, so in conclusion, the Olympics will influence the choices he will make this season, a lot.