Novak Djokovic: "MTOs are not a tactic"

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Novak Djokovic: "MTOs are not a tactic"

There are those who think that the Medical Time Out are a tactic to regain control of mind and energy during a negative moment of a match and break the concentration of one's opponent, but Novak Djokovic does not seem to agree.

Someone said that MTOs are often exclusively a tactic, but the situation is more complex than it seems. At the Australian Open 2020 we had some cases, including that of Djokovic in the semifinal against Roger Federer and that in the final against Dominic Thiem.

Against Roger i had a MTO in his worst moment of the first set, thanks which he recovered all the energies and mental solidity. Against the Austrian Djokovic asked the MTO between the third and the fourth set, at a time during which Thiem was on the score of 2-1, with the possibility of winning the match.

Nole came back to MTO looking like a different player, finding confidence and athleticism, and then winning the match at the fifth set. Djokovic explained his medical time out against Thiem: “I had no injuries, it was a strange situation.

Every time I threw the ball for my service my head was spinning and I had no more energy. I tried to recover energy and fortunately I was better afterwards". Djokovic talked also about the MTO against Federer: "Against Roger more or less the reason was similar, I couldn't even explain it now.

Doctors told me that I was dehydrated and that I had to drink as much as possible" he said. This is a discussion that has been going on for years, but the regulation is the one for all players. Then you can debate the question, to understand if it is really a tactic or not. Can it be?