Warm-record in Antarctica: why do we need Roger Federer and Greta Thunberg?


Warm-record in Antarctica: why do we need Roger Federer and Greta Thunberg?
Warm-record in Antarctica: why do we need Roger Federer and Greta Thunberg?

Roger Federer and Greta Thunberg could play an important role in the climate change outreach process, especially after the latest disheartening news about what's going on in Antarctica. In fact Antarctica has high temperature as in Norway while we saw that it snowed a few days ago in Baghdad, for the second time in 102 years.

Global warming symptom. At the South Pole, a temperature of 20.75 degrees was recorded on 2020 February 9th, at the Argentinian Marambio base, on the Seymour island (64 ° 14 'South latitude) in front of the Antarctic Peninsula.

On 2020 February 6th in another Argentinian base, Esperanza (63 ° 24 'South latitude), a temperature of 18.3 degrees was recorded, a record for the Antarctic continent. The South Pole is experiencing the highest temperatures of Southern Summer in history.

Roger Federer and the young activist were protagonists a few weeks ago: Greta criticized Federer for his links with Credit Suisse, a bank which, according to some activists, would have invested in fossil fuels instead of renewable energy, re-tweeting the hashtag #RogerWakeUpNow .

Federer replied in this way: "I take the threat of climate change very seriously, especially since I arrived with my family in Australia, while the country was devastated by fires. As the father of four children and a supporter of the universal right to education, I have great respect and admiration for the youth movement against climate change.

I am grateful to the young activists for pushing us to re-examine our behavior and to act to find innovative solutions. We owe them and ourselves the need to listen. I appreciate the references to my responsibilities as a private citizen, an athlete, and an entrepreneur, and I commit myself to use my privileged position to dialogue on important issues with my sponsors".

Thanks to his popularity (seen on Match for Africa 6), Roger Federer could be a great champion in the fight against climate change, also thanks to the popularity of Greta Thunberg herself: joining their forces and their popularity could born a real awareness movement against a plague that, day after day, devastates our beloved planet.

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