Can Nick Kyrgios aspire to something more than a Slam fourth-round?

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Can Nick Kyrgios aspire to something more than a Slam fourth-round?

Nick Kyrgios' excesses of behavior marked his previous seasons: a great talent slowed down by certain behaviors that brought him criticism, fines and disqualifications. Needless to list them all, we remember them well. But this year things finally seem different.

The tears for the fires in Australia, the excellent Australian Open, where he lost to Rafael Nadal in the fourth round after a good tournament. Technique, talent and athletic power are his best skills, but a renewed tactical sense should be added to this, especially in the most delicate moments of the matches.

Naturally endowed with exceptional speed and a great sense of timing, Kyrgios has one of the most effective services on the Tour. His forehand is extraordinarily powerful, but his two-handed backhand is also a very effective shot.

Kyrgios needs a team that improves his tennis from a tactical and motivational point of view. He is still unable to read the moments of the match, and these are teachings that only a very experienced and flexible team can teach him.

He lost a lot of matches during his career for wrong choices during the most important part of his challenges. Can he win a Slam? At Wimbledon and the US Open he will have chances. He does not start among the favorites, even if with his skills he would dominate the fast surfaces.

I consider Kyrgios a very talented player who can win a Slam in the coming years, especially if he adds something new to his team. For this year he will have to try to do well in London and New York, trying to take advantage of every mistake allowed by his opponents.