Why has Roger Federer never played with a two-handed backhand?

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Why has Roger Federer never played with a two-handed backhand?

Perhaps in a multiverse that has many alternative realities, Roger Federer would have been left-handed and with a two-handed backhand. But, jokes aside, why has Roger Federer never played a two-handed backhand? Could this shot have suited his playing style well? Or would it have been impossible for Federer to play that backhand? The Swiss Maestro founded his career mainly on three shots: service, forehand and one-handed backhand.

Over the years, many insiders considered Federer's backhand to be one of his weak points. In fact, over the course of his career, his historical rival Rafael Nadal defeated Federer by hammering the Swiss with his full top-spin forehand on Roger's one-handed backhand.

A disease that over the years became chronic, without ever finding a cure, at least until the final of the Australian Open 2017, when Federer defeated Nadal thanks to his backhand.
It is a shot that belongs to classic tennis when sensitivity and touch still played a fundamental role.

From Bjorn Borg onwards, things have changed. In modern tennis, most professionals use a two-handed backhand. Federer has practically never tried this shot which, in fact, would not match with his style of play, now unique in the ATP Tour.

As a meeting point between classic tennis and modern tennis, he has the roots of his technique in the fine old-style tennis, from which his one-handed backhand originates. Over the years he improved his shot, also thanks to the use of a larger racket.

It would be impossible today to imagine Roger Federer with a two-handed backhand: it would be like imagining Nadal playing with his right hand or Djokovic playing well at the net!