Will Roger Federer be remembered as GOAT if Nadal and Djokovic beat his slam record?

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Will Roger Federer be remembered as GOAT if Nadal and Djokovic beat his slam record?

Will Roger Federer be remembered as the GOAT if Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic should beat his slam record? Talking about records, Federer holds many, of which can hardly be surpassed by his two rivals in the future. Even if Federer will retire at 40 years-old and Nadal and Djokovic were to play at least another three years, many more Federer's records would not be broken.

So everything boils down to the Slams? Not really, although obviously Slams are the most important part for of the season (and of the career) of a tennis player. So, speaking of Roger Federer we should not focus only on the Majors, but on all the great records that he achieved during his career.

We could talk about head-to-head. Federer is at a disadvantage with both Nadal and Djokovic. However, the trend in his matches against Rafa is now favorable to the Swiss Maestro (in the last 10 matches played, Roger won 7, including the Australian Open 2017).

With Djokovic opposite trend: Federer lost 7 of the last confrontations with the Serb. Not only that, because the Swiss does not win a challenge in a Slam against Nole from the Wimbledon 2012 semifinal. However, it is true that between the two there is also an age difference (6 years): Djokovic is winning many more matches against the Swiss of how much he didn't care when Roger was still under-30. Age is therefore a very important factor in the challenges between the two, even if Nole has now managed to enter Federer's mind, becoming a real nightmare for him.

There is also a final analysis to be done. Federer is perhaps the most loved sportsman (not just about tennis) of all time. His class, his elegance, his victories, his charisma, his human and fragile side, his records and that aura of great charm made him one of the most popular sportsmen of all time, adored by fans, by the organizers of tournaments and brands.

Roger Federer is a true icon, an ambassador of sport in time and space, able to make tennis special. Then there are the numbers. If Nadal and Djokovic were to break Roger Federer's Slam record (and this is likely) there will be many other evaluations and considerations to make.